FD70CV-M - 7 Widescreen LCD

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7" Widescreen LCD The 7" widescreen LCD is a minimal footprint display
designed to fit in small areas. The compact metal enclosure
makes it ideal for mounting on bulkheads or built into the
bulkhead wall. This display has one VGA and two composite
video signals and can be controled with an IR remote.
10.2" Widescreen LCD
10.4" LCD
The 10.4" LCD is a square 4:3 aspect display that is
designed as a retrofit solution to minimize bulkhead
woodwork. This minimalist display is perfect an array of
airfract where weight and space are at a premium.
The 10.2" widescreen display is one of the most popular
aircraft LCD's on the market do to its image quality and size.
This LCD has a metal encloure giving it mounting flexibility
on or behind bulkheads.
PMA approved
(1) VGA
800 x 480 resolution
16:9 aspect ratio
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